Heritage Day

 The Transition Team, as the first phase of the transition, would like to celebrate the heritage of Emmaus Baptist Church.

We are designating Sunday, June 30th as Heritage Day. We will begin the day with a continental breakfast at 9:30am. At that time we will divide into table groups. (There will be no adult Sunday School Classes on that day.) We will have the worship service in the fellowship hall and it will be a casual dress day. Followed by the Sunday School picnic after church.

During the Sunday School time we would like to review how our church has been shaped and formed. We will post on a timeline the significant dates and events of our lives such as when you joined Emmaus and significant events in your life. We are asking everyone to “Tell their Story”.

We ask you to reflect on the entire experience of your life at EBC. Recall a time when you felt most alive, most involved, spiritually touched, or most excited about your church. Tell about this memorable experience that you have had at Emmaus. Describe the event in detail. What made it exciting? Who was involved? Describe how you felt. Describe what you did as a result of the experience.

The Transition Team members will be telling their stories during Worship services leading up to Heritage Day. We would like the Sunday School teachers to tell their stories to their classes as examples. On Heritage Day we want the congregation to tell their stories. Hearing each other’s stories will enrich our fellowship and inform us of who we are and how we will carry the best of Emmaus into the future. 

Lastly, we ask that you be thinking about three wishes you have for Emmaus and

her future.

The Transition Team


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